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Where do I submit my timecards for Substitutes Any Time assignments?

Your timecards will be automatically generated each week using your assignment hours in Aesop. You may log in to the employee portal at any time to verify your hours are correct. Please note that some Early Child Care employees may need to log in and submit timecards on a weekly basis.

Why can’t I log in and which login is which?

Which website are you attempting to access? As a substitute, you have two sets of login information, one for Aesop and another for the Employee Portal.

  • Your Aesop login allows you to search for open positions and manage your calendar. Your Login ID for Aesop is your ten digit phone number with no punctuation or spacing. If you are set up with a single district on Aesop, your PIN is a 4 or 5 digit number as assigned by a staffing coordinator. If you are set up with multiple school districts on Aesop, your pin is a 6 digit number (created by you) that allows you access to all districts at once.

  • Your Employee Portal login is made up of a username and password, created when you completed your online application for employment. If you forgot your login information for the portal, please contact our office, and we can look up and/or reset this information for you.

I don’t see a timecard for my assignment. How should I proceed?

Are you in the correct work week? Our work week runs Monday through Sunday, so you can find each week’s timecards listed under the date of the Sunday following the week of your assignment.

Are you looking in the portal the same day of your assignment? Your timecard will be in the system by the end of the day (6pm) the day AFTER your assignment.

Still don’t see a timecard? Please contact the Substitutes Any Time office so that we can look into the situation.

How do I change a timecard that is incorrect?

If you need to edit a timecard that has a status of “pending,” please click on the red unsubmit button, indicate the reason that you must unsubmit in the text box at the bottom of the screen, and click continue. This will allow you to edit as necessary, and when you’ve made the appropriate corrections, re-submit to the school for approval.

Need to edit a timecard that has already been approved by a school? Please contact Substitutes Any Time.


How can I obtain copies of my paystubs?

Please find your pay stub information and work history listed under the ‘Pay History’ tab in your employee portal. The ‘Paychecks’ option in the Pay History menu allows you to access all check stub information. If you have any questions or concerns, our payroll department is happy to assist you.

When can I expect my paycheck?

We pay substitutes on a weekly basis. You will be paid each Friday for the assignments you worked during the previous week.

My check has been lost or stolen, What should I do?

Please call the Payroll Department at 866-601-6460.



How do I know what to claim on my W-4 form?

We cannot advise you what to claim on your W-4 form. To help you with determining what to claim, you can utilize the IRS withholding calculator - http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/IRS-Withholding-Calculator

What deductions can I expect to come out of my paycheck?

You can expect the following deductions to come out of your paycheck:

Federal and State taxes (as applicable)
Social Security 

(note: students while enrolled in classes and certain non-resident aliens are exempt)

How do I get my W-2?

Current employees – Your W-2 will be available on the employee portal by January 31st.

To access you W-2, take the following steps:

  • Go to the Substitutes Any Time website.

  • Click on “Employee/Customer Portal Login” in the top right of your screen

  • Log in with your username and password

  • Click on “Pay History” icon

  • Click on W-2 on the left hand side (Export to Adobe PDF)

Former employees – Your W-2 will be mailed to the current home address on file by January 31st

I either didn’t receive or lost my W-2 Form, what do I do?

All current and former employees have access to their online Form W2’s for years 2012-current. If you cannot remember your user name and password to access the system, you can contact our office.

My address on the W-2 is incorrect, what should I do?

A corrected W-2 is not required for a change in address. Please contact our office to update the address we have on file for you.

What if I didn’t have any federal or state taxes withheld according to my W-2?

You would not have had any federal and state withholding taxes if you claimed an exemption from federal/state withholding on your W-4 form for the year. If your earnings are under a certain threshold, you may not have been subject to any federal or state withholding taxes.

Can Payroll fax or email me a copy of my W-2?

No. Privacy legislation prohibits the faxing or emailing of confidential information of this nature to non-secure fax numbers or emails.