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Why Partner with Substitutes Any Time?

Trust the experts: Our business is substitute staffing; that’s all we do. That’s why our expertise and efficiencies add value to our partnership with schools and districts. We do the work so you don’t have to.

Automate your process

Substitutes Any Time partners with Aesop to streamline your substitute management system. We complement the technology by handling the substitute related pieces. We pick up where Aesop leaves off.

Create versatile solutions

We guide your thinking in how you want the system to perform for you. We learn your preferences and provide an evaluation of the Aesop set-up to ensure our solutions work best for you.

Focus on customer service

We are committed to provide high quality and timely service for each and every client.  We build lasting relationships with our districts, schools, and substitutes.

Realize cost savings

SAT charges your district only when a substitute works for you, ensuring your services are affordable, regardless the size of your district.

Increase efficiency

We reduce the amount of time district staff spends on substitute placements because we fill your absences for you. And we even automate the substitute payroll process.

Maintain the personal touch

Substitutes Any Time complements the Aesop automated system by adding a personal touch. Schools, employees, and substitutes can also communicate with a live person to enter or search for job opportunities.

Reduce HR responsibilities

We take over many human resources and payroll functions for your substitute pool, saving you time and money. We recruit, interview, screen, hire, and train qualified substitutes for your classrooms.