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Does Substitutes Any Time require me to work a certain number of days or hours?

No, there is no minimum number of hours that you are required to work when you are employed through Substitutes Any Time. We offer flexible scheduling and discuss your availability with you at the time of hire. Of course, if you are looking to work as much as possible, our staffing coordinators will work with you on a day to day basis to assist you with securing assignments.

Can I work with other schools, districts, or companies even if I am employed with SAT?

Absolutely! Substitutes Any Time does not have substitute staff under contract, and you may work for any other districts, schools, or companies that you choose.

What type of benefits does Substitutes Any Time offer?

Substitutes Any Time offers weekly pay, bonuses and paid holidays (dependent on hours worked), an insurance plan for those who qualify, and the option to deposit money into a 401(k). More detailed information about these benefits is available for you upon hire.

What if a district, school, or early child care center wants to hire me?

Congratulations on this exciting news! Please ask the school to contact Substitutes Any Time directly, so we can assist in the transition to your new position as soon as possible.

Does the demand for work slow down in the summer?

Yes. The bulk of the on-call work, available through Substitutes Any Time, ends when school lets out for the summer months. We do offer summer school staff to schools as necessary, and will make the opportunities known as they arise. Enjoy the summer months, and rest assured, work will pick back up again when school resumes in the fall.

What if I want to change my contact info, W-4, or bank information?

We want to make sure that we have the most current information on file for you at all times, so please contact us if you change your phone number, address, email, banking information, or W-4 preferences.

I no longer wish to be on call with Substitutes Any Time – what do I do?

Please contact Substitutes Any Time to let us know that you are no longer available. We need to take care of important steps if you do not wish to keep subbing, including inactivating your profile on the Aesop system, if you are set up with our public school districts. Please remember that Substitutes Any Time is your employer, and we would like to keep informed about any updates to your availability and preferences.