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Substitute Teaching: Secrets to Success

Here at Substitutes Any Time, we know that subbing is no easy job.  We spend each day working closely with our substiute staff, learning about their favorite schools, grade levels, and subjects to teach.  We are an ear for their grievances and struggles, as well as their successes and victories in the classroom.  We have the unique privelage of watching the transformation of new sub to seasoned veteran, and watching the seasoned veteran become a crucial piece of the teaching puzzle.  While just starting out as a teacher, especially a substitute teacher, can be intimidating, continued...

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Thinking Outside the Box

Since the dawn of time, educators have been in search of the latest and greatest tools to use in the classroom in hopes of sparking the interest of their students.  As the world evolves, and attention spans become almost non-existant, it is crucial that teachers are willing to adapt their teaching methods to address these challenges. Interactive and creative teaching strategies have become a requirement, and are often times necessary to successfully teach this generation of students. Recently, an article posted by www.edweek.org showcased a strategy that...

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Expecting the Unexpected: Activities for Subs in a Pinch

Whether you've been substitute teaching for several years, or have just recently begun your adventure into this sometimes unpredictable world, everyone will find themselves without a plan at some point or another.  As much as full-time teachers would like to prepare very detailed lesson plans for their substitutes each and every time they're absent, that is not always the reality.  So, what's a sub to do when they realize that they've got a classroom full of learners, waiting to be instructed, but with no information about what to instruct them on?  While many seasoned substitute teachers...

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Retiring Retirement?

For those of us still very much a part of the workforce (with countless years of the daily grind still ahead of us), the idea of retirement, while distant, seems like a light at the end of the tunnel.  With retirement comes the freedom that allows us to fill our days with only the activities of our choosing, without any monetary obligations to consider.  The promise of reaching a point where you are no longer expected to work is often times a motivating factor to keep us moving through the routine of day to day life, the idea of open ended freedom lying ahead.  Why then, is it becoming so...

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Spring Break, Please!

With the excitement of the holidays well behind us, and the Summer break still several months away, the Spring months can leave many of us feeling pretty blue.  Luckily, the one shining beacon of hope that those of us fortunate enough to work in the education industry have to look forward to is right around the corner!  That's right, Spring Break.  This small break in your routine has the power to shift your attitude, and gives you the opportunity to mentally recharge, which is essential.  It is coming, so hang in there!  In the meantime, here is an article about the various ways Spring...

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International Women’s Day 2017: Women in the Changing World of Work

Here at Substitutes Any Time, we’d like to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the progress made and the incredible role women have played throughout our history. Due to the rapid growth of technology, new trade policies, digital labor, and overall globalization, the world of work has changed significantly and continues to change. With each passing day, women and girls everywhere are becoming more empowered and encouraged to participate and make change to help ensure a more inclusive and equal world for all. The United Nations developed a 2030 Agenda or Initiative, with several goals...

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Kids Say the Darndest Things!

When it comes to free speech, no one exercises their first amendment right quite like children.  Often times, any and all thoughts that enter those curious young minds are voiced, even when doing so would typically be deemed inappropriate. In an article shared by online teaching resource 'We Are Teachers', 23 teachers share their first hand accounts of the sometimes bizarre reality that comes with working closely with the most unfiltered group of people known to man.  Using direct quotes gathered through years of working with kids, these educators share some of the most silly, outlandish,...

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Education and Working Adults

In a world where education continues to remain a crucial element of professional success, online learning has taken over as one of the most popular options for those who are interested in earning a post secondary degree of some kind.  It offers the flexibility that many working adults looking to further their education require, while giving them the opportunity to take in all the information necessary to obtain a degree, often times at their own pace and on their own time table.  In an article published by ...

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STEDI Giveaway - Apple Watch and Other Great Prizes

As one of the substitute teachers or paraprofessionals in the Substitutes Any Time community, you are greatly appreciated! We know you work hard to be your best. Thank you for all you do for our students in our schools. We know that it is a challenging assignment, and we appreciate you being ready to take over when the permanent teacher is gone. 

We invite you to participate in the SubWeek Giveaway sponsored by STEDI.org. Register here: STEDI.org/Giveaway You will have a chance to win an Apple Watch and other great prizes! 

Gold Star Rewards

Substitutes Any Time is excited to announce the official launching of our new Gold Star Rewards program!  Qualifying Substitutes that work 3+ full days per week on a month to month basis are eligible for A+ Substitute status and will be sent the rewards card with more information.  Gold Star Rewards members with A+ Substitute status will have access to hundreds of discounts and coupons for retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, travel and more!

You save the day in the classroom on a daily basis- now you can save on your...

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