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Training Opportunity-Sanford Inspire!

With summer underway for many, and quickly approaching for the rest, now feels like the perfect time to take a break from all things school-related.  A few months with nothing to think about but sunshine, long weekends, and relaxation are well deserved, and might be just what the doctor ordered after a long and tiring school year.  However, the summertime can also be the perfect opportunity to do some personal and professional development.  You would hate to lose your edge in the classroom as a result of spending too much time away from students, right?  

Luckily, Substitutes Any Time has recently formed a partnership with a new online training organization called Sanford Inspire.  A non-profit organization based out of Arizona State University, Sanford Inspire offers online training resources for educators only, and their content his highly specilized and relevant to all things education.  The information is organized into 5 main categories (Learning Environment, Planning & Delivery, Motivation, Student Growth & Achievement, and Professional Practices), and each area has several different courses to choose from.  Did I mention that all of these courses are absolutely FREE to anyone that wants to take advantage of this awesome training opportunity?  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

We've already received some great feedback from substitutes that have taken the training courses, saying that they were "thoughtful, informative, practical, and helpful".  If you're interested, you'll simply register on the Arizona State University website, select your course, and begin!  For quick and easy access to the page, click the link below.  Upon completion of the courses, leave a comment and let us know what your thoughts are!  We would love to get some of your feedback on whether or not this is a helpful resource.