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Thinking Outside the Box

Since the dawn of time, educators have been in search of the latest and greatest tools to use in the classroom in hopes of sparking the interest of their students.  As the world evolves, and attention spans become almost non-existant, it is crucial that teachers are willing to adapt their teaching methods to address these challenges. Interactive and creative teaching strategies have become a requirement, and are often times necessary to successfully teach this generation of students. Recently, an article posted by www.edweek.org showcased a strategy that some New York City teachers are utilizing to enlighten their students on a variety of topics.  A group of teachers attended the popular musical 'Hamilton', which tells the story of Alexander Hamilton through the use of rap and hip hop songs, and then participated in a training session about how to use this musical as a tool in the classroom.  The group was able to discuss the various topics they could address using the play as a tool that just might reach students in a way simply lecturing on the topics may not.  Read the article and watch the video, and let us know what your take is on this innovative teaching strategy!