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The Summer of You

A few weeks ago, one of our blog posts examined the importance of practicing self-care and wellness, and the impact doing so has on teachers specifically.  In keeping with that theme, and continuing to emphasize just how important it is that the summer months are spent focusing on your mental health and overall feeling of contentment, this week's blog post shares an article about how one teacher plans to 'unplug' over the summer in order to stay sane.  The article, posted on www.weareteachers.com, discusses five strategies to use in order to detatch yourself from the chaos of teaching that can often times carry over into the summer months.  In order to start the new school year feeling refreshed and motivated, take a look at the article and try to work some of these things into your own daily routine if you're not already doing so.  Leave a comment and let us know what some of your strategies for helping yourself 'unplug' are!