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Substitute Teaching: Secrets to Success

Here at Substitutes Any Time, we know that subbing is no easy job.  We spend each day working closely with our substiute staff, learning about their favorite schools, grade levels, and subjects to teach.  We are an ear for their grievances and struggles, as well as their successes and victories in the classroom.  We have the unique privelage of watching the transformation of new sub to seasoned veteran, and watching the seasoned veteran become a crucial piece of the teaching puzzle.  While just starting out as a teacher, especially a substitute teacher, can be intimidating, continued exposure to various classrooms typically allows for each person to develop some of their own go-to strategies when it comes to ensuring their success on the job.  'We Are Teachers' offers an article about some good practices substitute teachers have learned on the job.  Take a look and see how many of them you're already doing, and if there are any ideas that you could start to implement into your own routine.  Leave a comment and let us know what your go-to strategies are to keep things running smoothly in the classroom!