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Substitute Teaching: The Benefits

As the first day of school draws nearer (next week for some!), the idea of jumping back into substitute teaching can be a bit anxiety inducing.  After all, its been months since you were called first thing in the morning and asked if you could come in to stand in front of a room full of new faces to teach a subject that you may not be an expert in, with lesson plans that definitely leave something to be desired.  Thinking about the job of a substitute teacher like that is enough to cause anyone to consider a career change, subbing requires an extremely flexible and sharp individual!  However, it's certainly not all bad, and you know deep down that there is a reason you come back year after year to this unpredicatable and rewarding job.  So, for those of you that may be struggling to recall what some of the benefits of subbing are, or for anyone who is just starting their adventure as a sub, this week's post serves as a friendly reminder that there are plenty of up sides to this job.  Read through the article, and share with us and your fellow substitutes some of the things that you find most rewarding about working as a sub!