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Substitute Appreciation: Continued

Last week, in celebration of National Substitute Appreciation week, we asked all of our schools and centers to let us know about any outstanding substitutes they've crossed paths with this year.  Of course, we already know what amazing work our substitutes do, but we were after some specific examples of subs going above and beyond while on the job.  The response we received was overwhelming, and the stories shared were wonderful!  We did not want to miss an opportunity to share the awesome feedback we got.  So, this week's blog post is dedicated to highlighting all of the reasons our schools are SO appreciative of great substitutes.


For Taking a Genuine Interest in Their Students

"Joan is the most dedicated substitute teacher I've had the pleasure of having in my class.  She is very interactive with the students and cares a great deal about their well-being.  I always feel very confident in leaving my classes in Joan's care.  She is an exemplary substitute and the students appreciate and enjoy how engaging and knowledegable she is."

-Kristen L. speaking of Joan T.

"They go above and beyond their duties.  They truly care about the children and will do whatever is necessary for the teachers."

-Kim H. speaking of Deb H. and Pat R. 

"Deb really strives to get to know the kids as individuals, and she uses her caring ways and her sense of humor to make the kids feel so comfortable and successful at school.  Deb is always my first choice when I need a sub!"

-Mary Jo F. speaking of Deb S. 


For Always Being Reliable and Prepared

"By far, Sharon H. is the best sub ever!! She always follows my lesson plans to the letter.  She asks questions of my teaching partners if she needs to, fills in for recess duty without question, takes care of behavior issues instead of just dismissing them...all around she is the most reliable sub that I have ever had!!"

-Maria B. speaking of Sharon H. 

"Angela has been in our building a couple of times this year.  Every time, she comes in prepared with plans, materials, and supplies.  She'd make her own lesson plans if none were provided."

-Sia L. speaking of Angela D. 

"Jill follows building and classroom procedures and leaves the classroom as she found it.  She follows lesson plans and has high expectations for the students."

-Ashley F. and Nila L. speaking of Jill P. 


For Their Flexibility

"Wilson Elementary would like to nominate Julie.  She is always so happy and willing to sub when she's available.  She subs in many areas and grade levels and her work and professionalism are always appreciated. She is absolutely the most patient, organized, and positive teacher!"

-Wilson Elementary speaking of Julie N.

"Sara B. - She is very helpful and will accept a variety of different jobs.  She will help out with whatever extra jobs the teachers or the office have."

-Dolly H. speaking of Sara B. 

"As soon as I saw this email, I immediately thought of Carrie B.  She is always willing to help out any way she can on a moment's notice and fill our substitute needs regardless of the situation."

-Michelle L. speaking of Carrie B. 


For Making Teachers Feel Comfortable in Their Absence

"I never have to worry when she is in my classroom.  My lesson plans will be followed and she is able to elaborate with the students due to her prior knowledge and classroom experience.  When I return, students are ready to pick up where I/she left off.  She is THE BEST."

-Martha S. speaking of Erin H. 

"I would like to nominate Annette M..  She is always extremely pleasant, on time, and willing to fill in anywhere she is needed.  I have had several teachers ask me to see if she is available.  That means a lot that she is so well liked in our school."

-Rhonda J. speaking of Annette M. 

"Wylie G. is amazing! She always does what is on my lesson plans and even more so engages with the students, which is hard to find in a lot of subs.  Students respond well to her and get the work done that is asked of her when she subs in my classes."

-Jessica P. speaking of Wylie G. 


Ulitimately, there are countless reasons that good substitutes are such a huge asset.  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear directly from the schools just how impactful our substitutes have been, and we're so proud to work with such a wonderful group of educators!