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Social Media Etiquette

In a world fueled by technology and a need for connectedness, it can sometimes be tricky to ensure all of your social media usage remains appropriate.  This can become especially difficult when you're working in a role that requires constant interaction with new people, such as substitute teaching.  Coming into contact with different students and school staff each day gives you the opportunity to build relationships with so many great people, but it can also leave you open to scrutiny when it comes to the way you use your social media profiles.  Since we want to make sure you're always set up for success, this week's post shares an article from www.weareteachers.com that discusses the things you should and definitely should not be doing on social media.  While it's very likely that you're already utilizing some of these strategies, it is always beneficial to make extra sure you're not doing anything inadvertantly that could be harmful to your reputation or career.