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Retiring Retirement?

For those of us still very much a part of the workforce (with countless years of the daily grind still ahead of us), the idea of retirement, while distant, seems like a light at the end of the tunnel.  With retirement comes the freedom that allows us to fill our days with only the activities of our choosing, without any monetary obligations to consider.  The promise of reaching a point where you are no longer expected to work is often times a motivating factor to keep us moving through the routine of day to day life, the idea of open ended freedom lying ahead.  Why then, is it becoming so common for those who have finally reached the ultimate goal of retirement to seek out work opportunities?  Be it out of habit, boredom, or a missing feeling of productivity, a substantial number of retirees are looking to pursue job opportunites even after the financial need to hold down a job has been removed.  As a company that works with retirees on a regular basis, and that knows what an asset this group of people are to any industry, we know that there are many reasons those of retirement age choose to return to the work force.  In case you need some insight, take a look at the article below.  If you're a retiree currently working with Substitutes Any Time, thank you for choosing us to share your expertise with!  If not, we'd love to have you.