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Planning for the Unexpected

Walking into a new school, standing up in front of different students, and teaching various subjects day to day can be an extremely daunting thought for many of us, but is simply par for the course for substitute teachers.  Overcoming the mental challenges that most aspects of subbing present can be difficult for even the most seasoned of substitute teachers.  Among the most stressful pieces of jumping into a last minute position is the unpredictable quality of the the lesson plan left behind.  So, as part of our 'Back to School' tips and tricks series, the article shared on this week's post offers some ideas for what to do when you find yourself with extra time to fill, poor lesson plans, or in some cases, none at all!  Take a look at the article titled, "Small Activities for the Unexpecting Substitute" and see if you think any of the activities mentioned would be helpful to incorporate into your stash of substitute teaching back up plans.  Leave a comment and share with your fellow educators some of your other go-to activities when you're left in a pinch!