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Making the Most of Every Minute

If you have any past experience as a substitute or full-time teacher, you are undoubtedly aware of those few minutes at the start or end of class, or in between lessons that can sometimes be tough to fill.  You don't have quite enough time to get going on an entirely new lesson plan, but you also don't want to waste any valuable classroom time.  Fear not!  For the third installment of our 'Back to School' series, this week's post shares an article from www.weareteachers.com, titled  '24 Ways to Keep the Learning Going, Even When You Only Have a Few Minutes'.  While i'm fairly certain you've already come up with a few time filling strategies of your own, it never hurts to have plenty of ideas in your teaching arsenal.  From extra reading and writing time to discussing current events, this article offers a rather extensive list of suggestions of ways to utilize those spare minutes most effectively.  Read it over and let us know which of these ideas you're already using, and if any of your go-tos are not on this list!