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The Importance of Being a "Listening" Educator

One of the most important professional skills you can possess is active listening.  While beneficial in all careers and industries, this skill is especially useful when it comes to working in education.  Being able to truely engage in a conversation, be it with a student, school staff member, or fellow substitute is a valuable skill that will help you stand out and earn the respect of those around you.  An article posted by www.teachhub.com defines active listening as concentrating all of one's focus on the person they are engaging with, with a goal of understanding exactly what they're trying to say.  In other words, listening to understand instead of listening to respond, which many of us are guilty of. 

The article examines the importance of being a "listening" educator, and offers some strategies for how to improve your active listening skills.  Even if you feel like you are already a skillled listener when it comes to being a great conversationalist, it never hurts to remain open to improvement, as honing in on this skill comes with so many benefits.  Take a look at the article, and share with your fellow educators some of the ways you practice being an active listener!