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Expecting the Unexpected: Activities for Subs in a Pinch

Whether you've been substitute teaching for several years, or have just recently begun your adventure into this sometimes unpredictable world, everyone will find themselves without a plan at some point or another.  As much as full-time teachers would like to prepare very detailed lesson plans for their substitutes each and every time they're absent, that is not always the reality.  So, what's a sub to do when they realize that they've got a classroom full of learners, waiting to be instructed, but with no information about what to instruct them on?  While many seasoned substitute teachers have tricks up their sleeves for situations just like this, feeling unexpectedly unprepared can be one of the most stressful parts of subbing.  The school and absent teacher are expecting you to step in and make sure a productive day is had when you're in the classroom, so the pressure is!  Fear not -- Education World has published an article with some ideas of activities to keep in mind anytime you find yourself without clear cut lesson plans left for you to follow.  Take a look at the article, make mental or written notes, or even print it out if you find it useful!  Leave a comment and let us know what some of your go to activites are when you're left without plans.