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End of the Year Inspiration

With the final month of the school year rapidly approaching (where did the time go?), we are well aware that the moviation to ride it out to the end may be in short supply.  After a long year of last minute assignments, thinking on your feet, and stepping into a new classroom of students each day, substitutes are just as anxious for the summer break as full time teachers.  Rest easy, because the last month of the year tends to be a whirlwind, and once you're through it, three whole months of freedom await you. To help keep you movitated, this week's post includes an article posted by www.teachthought.com with 52 inspirational quotes for teachers (these most definitely apply to substitutes as well).  The work you do is so important, and we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you!  Read through the article, and feel free to take note of any quote(s) that are particularly relatable to you.  Leave a comment with your favorite quote and let us know how you stay motivated!