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Educators Shine During Times of Turmoil

Natural disasters are one of the most devastating and unpredictable challenges that we face as human beings.  This has been especially evident over the last few weeks, with two destructive hurricanes roaring through and creating extremely tumultuous and dangerous situations for those in their paths.  While the devastation that hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused is undeniable, countless stories of people banding together and staying united in the face of crisis have emerged and inspired hope. Educators often choose their field because of their desire to problem solve and help others, and they've been incredible examples of forward thinking and compassion in helping rebuild broken communities.  Take a look at the two articles below, that discuss the ways that educators in the affected areas have helped to care for those in need and think creatively to keep education going amidst a tradjedy.  Just another example of why we're so proud to be working in the field of education!


Amid Brutal Storm, Educators Gave Shelter, Hands-On Care 


Districts Using Social Media, Digital Tools to Keep Education Afloat After Hurricanes