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Classroom Management Tips

When the students in your classroom begin to stop following instructions don’t panic! There are different techniques you can use to get them back on track. For instance, use simple verbal commands when the student’s misbehavior occurs. When you first start to notice a few students going off task instead of saying “Go back to work” try saying “Stop the conversation and finish your science worksheet problems. If you need help with your worksheet raise your hand and I can help you.” When you are direct and explain things in a step by step manner you make it easier for the students to ask for help or get back on track. Try to give praise to the entire class when possible. Simple compliments like “Thank you all for working so quietly on your assignments. You are a great class” can make the students feel important and promotes a strong work ethic. Sometimes it’s just a matter of one student distracting the class for attention. If that’s the case you can ask that student to be the assistant and help pass out worksheets or erase the whiteboard. The goal is to keep that student busy so he doesn’t have a chance to distract the rest of the students. Being a substitute and trying to have control of the classroom can be difficult at times, but the work you do is important to ensure students continue to learn everyday.