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C.M. Corner: Engaging Students in Movies and Worksheets

“Can we have class outside today?” “Are you going to the game tonight?” “Summer can’t come fast enough!” As the school year comes to a close, keeping students engaged becomes more and more difficult, even more so when given a worksheet or needing to watch a movie. However, student engagement plays a very large roll in overall classroom management. To address this particular issue, in this installment of the C.M. Corner is addressed from suggestions offered our substitutes! Engaging students in a movie can be a very difficult job, especially if it is older or purely an educational film... Read More

C.M. Corner: How We Communicate

We see and hear a ton of messages a day; whether it’s something we’ve heard on the radio, a billboard we saw or something that we were told by a friend. But communication is so much more than spoke or written words. Professor Albert Mehrabian, author of the book Silent Messages, found that only 7% of any message is conveyed through words! Only 7%! That is a tiny number, when we focus so much on the actual words we say. Whether or not that specific statistic is universally true or not, it really does show in numbers that what we say may not always be the most important part of how we... Read More

C.M. Corner: Focusing Techniques for Age 3 to 2nd Grade

Here are some techniques in getting the most productive morning meeting, group time/circle time or between activities when you have energy-filled students. At times this 30 minute or so whole group activity can feel stressful and long. It can be difficult to get all those little bodies calm and focused. Here are some techniques that I have used in my years of teaching and some that past colleagues have used. • Wiggles Out-Do before the start o Have them dance to a song o Do some stretches and in-spot cardio (ex: jumping jacks, touch toes, twist, balancing on one foot, etc.) • Too much... Read More

C.M. Corner: Special Education Interview with Tracy Burnham

Special Education can be very intimidating if you’ve never worked in that setting. It can still be a bit to grasp and feel comfortable in when you have worked in Special Ed classes. We had a chance to connect with a retired Special Ed teacher, Tracy Burnham, who worked at McGuire Middle School in Lakeville. She offered some really great insight into how to interact with various types of students and situations! She says that as a sub, build relationships with your students. Many students in Special Education have been picked on and excluded, so they often feel that no one likes them.... Read More

C.M. Corner: Whisper and Erasing Techniques

The holidays bring about all sorts of joys in the classroom. Various decorations and projects, classroom/school activities and plenty of access to holiday treats, while fun and exciting, can cause students to become more easily distracted. Bringing them back on task, depending on the activities, may prove more difficult with all of the excitement of the season. Here are some techniques that you can use to help gain their attention. Begin to whisper your directions. If you attempt to talk over student conversations, the added noise typically causes students to talk louder. As they notice... Read More

Classroom Management Tips

When the students in your classroom begin to stop following instructions don’t panic! There are different techniques you can use to get them back on track. For instance, use simple verbal commands when the student’s misbehavior occurs. When you first start to notice a few students going off task instead of saying “Go back to work” try saying “Stop the conversation and finish your science worksheet problems. If you need help with your worksheet raise your hand and I can help you.” When you are direct and explain things in a step by step manner you make it easier for the students to ask for... Read More

What Motivates You?

There are many factors that contribute to a substitute's experience when they accept and work an assignment, and that ultimately determine whether or not they'd like to return.  With a persistent and problematic substitute and teacher shortage facing the United States, finding and keeping quality substitues is crucial to the efficiency of schools all across the country.  So what does it take to influence subs to work more frequently, and to choose certain buildings over others when given the option?  An article posted on www.educationworld.com...

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Teachers in the Wild

Now that the first few weeks of school are behind us, you're probably starting to feel like you're getting back into the swing of things.  You've been a part of creating a positive and successful start to the year for the students you've been working with, which is certainly no easy job as you work to introduce kids to new topics and subjects and attempt to keep them on task each day.  To help alleviate some of the stress you might be feeling as the school year continues on, this week's blog post shares an article about the10 ways you can tell if you've come across a teacher.  Take a look...

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Social Media Etiquette

In a world fueled by technology and a need for connectedness, it can sometimes be tricky to ensure all of your social media usage remains appropriate.  This can become especially difficult when you're working in a role that requires constant interaction with new people, such as substitute teaching.  Coming into contact with different students and school staff each day gives you the opportunity to build relationships with so many great people, but it can also leave you open to scrutiny when it comes to the way you use your social media profiles.  Since we want to make sure you're always set...

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Educators Shine During Times of Turmoil

Natural disasters are one of the most devastating and unpredictable challenges that we face as human beings.  This has been especially evident over the last few weeks, with two destructive hurricanes roaring through and creating extremely tumultuous and dangerous situations for those in their paths.  While the devastation that hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused is undeniable, countless stories of people banding together and staying united in the face of crisis have emerged and inspired hope. Educators often choose their field because of their desire to problem solve and help others,...

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