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Application Steps

Please note that if you are a current substitute with a district that is switching to Substitutes Any Time, the interview and reference check requirements will be waived. You also do not need to upload your resume or any reference letters.

Start Application

1.  Online Application (20-30 minutes)
The only document you are required to upload to the application is a Fingerprint Clearance Card (if you have one). You will not be required to upload any additional documents to complete the online application, however, by providing the following documents, you will give Substitutes Any Time a more detailed understanding of your experience and qualifications, which may expedite the hiring process:

  • Resume
  • Teaching or Paraprofessional License
  • Reference Letter(s)

2.  Interview (1-5 days)
A Substitutes Any Time coordinator will contact you within 1-5 business days of receiving your application to arrange an in-person or over the phone interview.

3.  Background & Reference Check (1-5 days)
After your interview, Substitutes Any Time will send you an email requesting background check and reference information. If these two requirements clear, Substitutes Any Time may extend an offer of employment.

4.  Additional Employment Documents (1-5 days)
You will be asked to complete the following employment documents online:

  • I-9
  • W-4
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Mandatory Reporting Training
  • TB Test Information*
  • Acknowledgement of SAT Procedures

*If you have previously worked in a school setting, you only need to provide an estimated date of your last TB test and the name of the school district.

*If you have not previously worked in a school setting but have had a TB test, Substitutes Any Time will require documentation of the test results.

5.  Orientation (depends on scheduling)
Substitutes Any Time may invite you to attend an orientation session in-person or via phone to complete the hiring process.