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How do I log back in to an application that I started in the past?

You can log back in to a saved application by clicking on the “SAT Portal Login” link in the upper right corner. Enter the user name and password you created, and then you can proceed with your application. If you do not remember the login information that you created, you can use the “can’t access account link” or contact the Substitutes Any Time office to look up the information.

If I have previously been employed with a school district that is transitioning to Substitutes Any Time, do I have to complete the entire application process?

When a school district transitions to Substitutes Any Time, some important government forms need to be filled out in order to transition you to a new employer. Unfortunately we cannot transfer this information over from the school district for which you have been working. There are steps in our application process, however, that we waive for substitutes who have worked previously for a school district. We do not require an interview, reference check, or resume/work history for this group of subs. We strive to make your transition as easy as possible while still ensuring we obtain all the necessary information to pay you for your assignments.