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Why can’t I log in and which login is which? 

Which website are you attempting to access? As a substitute with Substitutes Any Time, you have two sets of login information, one for Aesop and another for the SAT portal.

  • Your Aesop login allows you to search for open positions and manage your calendar. Your Login ID for Aesop is your ten digit phone number with no punctuation or spacing. If you are set up with a single district on Aesop, your PIN is a 4 or 5 digit number as assigned by Substitutes Any Time. If you are set up with multiple school districts on Aesop, your pin is a 6 digit number (created by you) that allows you access to all districts at once.

  • Your SAT Portal login is made up of a username and password, created when you completed your online application for employment. If you forgot your login information for the portal, please contact Substitutes Any Time, and we can look up and/or reset this information for you.

Can I accept a half day assignment?

Absolutely! Our schools and districts require substitute coverage in both half day and full day increments. We are happy to accommodate your schedule whenever possible. You may also block out half days on your schedule in Aesop using the non work day feature if you have specific availability.

How do I add another school or district to my preference list?

If you would like to be added to the substitute list for another Substitutes Any Time school district, just let us know. We can walk you through important information including qualifications and pay, and add you to the appropriate portal. Not sure which districts are working with Substitutes Any Time? You can access a current list of Substitutes Any Time school districts under the “Jobs” tab.

If you would like to adjust your individual school preferences within your current districts, please do so under the preferences tab on your Aesop homepage. Click on the preferences tab, then, from the menu on the left side, select schools, and use the boxes provided to edit your school preferences.

Can a teacher just assign me to an open position?

While this permission varies slightly by school/district, the teacher requesting a substitute should be able to assign you directly to their position after you’ve agreed to work, if you are qualified. Of course, if a teacher does not have access to this function, or isn’t sure how it works, they may contact SAT at any time for assistance. The ‘create absence and assign sub’ feature can be helpful, but if you notice that you’ve been assigned to a position that you did not agree to work, please contact SAT for assistance.

Why can’t I see jobs?

There are a variety of reasons for which you may not see open positions in Aesop. The most common is that there are currently no jobs posted, in advance, on the system. If you have any questions or concerns about available positions, please contact a member of your SAT Staffing Team.

How do I get on teacher and school preference lists?

Substitutes listed as preferred substitutes by individual schools and employees have the first access to available positions. Best practices for substitutes who want to be included on preferred lists include: introducing yourself to administration and building staff, helping out during prep and other downtimes during your assignments, and leaving detailed notes for the staff for who you substitute. If a teacher would like to add you to their preferred list, but requires assistance, please refer them to Substitutes Any Time.

How can I stop calls in the morning?

Morning calls are a reality of working as an on-call substitute, as many of our assignments come up last minute. If you’d prefer not to receive morning calls, please turn off your automated calling through the Aesop system. This step will eliminate the automated calls. Then, if you are unavailable, please create a non-work day. The non-work day designation ensures that our staff will not personally contact you for work. Please help us to honor your calling preferences by using Aesop system features correctly – we’re here to help with any questions or concerns.

What is a system generated non-work day?

The Aesop system can automatically create a non-work day for you if you remove yourself from an assignment nearing the start time. The actual timeframe during which this happens is district specific, and a SAT Staffing Coordinator can outline this for you in more detail if you have questions. The system generated non-work days can be removed if you are available for work, but they must be removed by a SAT staff member.